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        • 1.Why choose us?

          1. Professional manufacturer since 1992. 2. Various kind of products meet all the requirments of your projects. 3. Provide free samples to check the quality. 4. Accept OEM. 5. Good service and prompt delivery.

        • 2.Is the sample available?

          Sure, our sample is provided free of charge, but not including courier fees.

        • 3.Does your company manufacture the product by yourself?

          Yes,our company has a serious of advanced facilities to produce metal ceiling, aluminum curtain wall,etc.

        • 4.Is it difficult to install the aluminum ceiling tiles?

          No, it is very easy to install, just like our install photos in the product description.

        • 5.Can we get support if we have our own market position?

          Please inform us your detailed mind on your market demand, we will discuss and propose helpful suggestion for you,to find the best solution for you.

        • 6.How long can I get a quotation?

          The quotation can be provided no longer than 24 hours on condition that we know all detailed requirements.

        • 7.Can you accept OEM?

          Yes, we can. Our product can be customized according to your requirement .

        • 8.Is there cheap shipping cost to import to our country?

          For small order, express will be best. And for bulk order, sea ship way is best, we will via our ship partner send to you asap .

        • 9.Available thickness and size of the aluminum cladding?

          Common thickness of cladding in stock are 1.0mm,1.5mm,2.0mm,2.5mm,3.0mm and 4.0mm. 1.0mm,1.5mm and 2.0mm are normally for indoor decoration(partition,screen,ceiling,trim,wall cladding,art and etc.), 2.5-4.0mm are for outdoor usage(cladding wall, balcony guardrails,shaped shutter,fence,gate and etc.)Regular sizes of aluminum cladding material is 1220X2440mm,which range is 900-1500mm,length range is 1800-6000mm ,It is flexible enough to be customized according to your drawings.

        • 10.What is your product warranty?

          We offer 15 years warranty for PE surface treatment products and 20 years warranty for PVDF surface treatment products.

        • 11.Hong long is the lead time for aluminum cladding?

          It takes 10 days after we receive your cad drawings normally, depending on the shape of products.

        • 12.How to order aluminum cladding?

          1. Sketch or cad drawing with sizes. 2. Surface Finish (powder coating, PVDF, PE, wood grain and etc.) 3. Fitting. 4. Quantity.

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