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        Tuodeli: let's get to know more about the aluminum ceiling


        Aluminum gusset plate is based on aluminum alloy plate, which is obtained by cutting, corner cutting and molding.
        The surface of aluminum gusset plate is processed with various coatings to obtain various aluminum gusset plate products.

        In the choice of ceiling, facing a wide range of decorative board materials, such as PVC board and gypsum board, how
        should we distinguish and choose?

        Fire resistance and heat resistance: 

        PVC plastic gusset plate is a kind of vacuum plastic film, which is made of PVC with honeycomb mesh interface. It is used
        for surface packaging of various panels.


        Advantages: according to the degree of softness and hardness, soft PVC contains softener, which is easy to become brittle
        and difficult to preserve, and its application scope is limited. Hard PVC has no softener, smooth surface, no water absorption,
        no deformation, no aging and other characteristics.



        Disadvantages: because of the low price, the demand of PVC plastic plate is increasing gradually, but the hardness of PVC will
        decrease with the increase of temperature, and the heat resistance stability is very poor. It begins to decompose at 140
        and the melting temperature is 160

        Aluminum ceiling

        The aluminum ceiling are adopted by tuodeli is a new type of ceiling material. According to the classification of surface
        treatment technology, it can be divided into paint baking plate, spray coating plate, roll coating plate and coated plate.

        Among them, the roll coating plate is formed by degreasing and chemical treatment on the surface of aluminum panel 

        substrate, drying and curing after roll coating high-quality coating, which can effectively control the flatness of the panel 
        as well as PVC, make the decorative color uniform and delicate, and is not easy to aging.

        In terms of fire resistance and heat resistance, tuodeli uses 1100 / 3003 aluminum raw material, which has extraordinary
        thermal barrier function, and its surface has a tight oxide film, which has strong oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance,
        decay resistance, ultraviolet radiation resistance and other characteristics.

        Aluminum lay in ceiling

        Aluminum Baffle Ceiling

        Moisture resistance and dirt resistance:


        Gypsum board is made of plaster of Paris with additives and fiber, which has a variety of patterns and decorations.


        Advantages: its light weight, high strength, smooth surface, plate and plate can be firmly bonded together through the
        binder to form a seamless structure.


        Disadvantages - (1) gypsum board ceiling is easy to turn yellow, and it is difficult to clean after turning yellow, so it is very
        troublesome to maintain later. Because of the water absorption of gypsum, the application of gypsum board is limited, and
        its moisture-proof performance is poor, so it is difficult to deal with it in rainy season.


        (2) Because of the porous structure of gypsum board, the thermal conductivity of gypsum board is lower than that of brick 

        and concrete, and it has the characteristics of light weight and heat insulation, but compared with aluminum gusset board,
        its fire resistance is still lower, and the price of gypsum board is higher than that of aluminum gusset board, so we should
        pursue the cost performance ratio when choosing the ceiling.


        Aluminum ceiling

        The high quality aluminum gusset board of toddley is as light as gypsum board, and has high strength. The selected high 

        polymer and polymer materials are made by hot pressing. Generally, it has no damage to the adhesive layer after 2 hours
        boiling water test, and has high stability and service life of up to 50 years.




        From the view of moisture resistance and dirt resistance, we all know that from the surface treatment of aluminum gusset
        plate, it can be divided into several forms, such as baking paint, spraying, rolling coating, film coating, etc. The surface of
        the coated board is a layer of PVC film, so its surface is firmly adhered and water resistant. If it is double-sided baking
        aluminum button board, the paint surface has good anti-oxidation performance, but also has good moisture resistance.




        The aluminum gusset plate is flat and clear in edges and lines, and it is convenient to install and dismantle. When cleaning,
        each plate can be removed and cleaned quickly. It can be seen that the aluminum gusset plate is simple, beautiful and stable.

        Aluminum lay in ceiling

        Aluminum Baffle Ceiling

        In fact, aluminum gusset plate has many excellent characteristics, as a new type of ceiling material, there is a lot of room
        for development in the future.


        As a brand of Foshan Nanhai Lianxing Deli decoration materials Co., Ltd., tuodeli is a large enterprise specializing in the
        production and sales of indoor and outdoor metal aluminum ceiling, metal single-layer aluminum curtain wallboard,
        special-shaped ceiling, light steel keel, aluminum embossed plate, aluminum honeycomb plate, carved plate, wood grain
        series ceiling, integrated ceiling decoration engineering supporting materials.

        From the pre-sale, in sale, after-sale tracking service, according to the feedback information, continuous improvement,
        continuous innovation, development and development of green building materials products, using advanced technology,
        high-quality materials, exquisite technology, and constantly create elegant, comfortable, healthy, environmental protection
        building decoration products.

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