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        hook type ceiling

        • Aluminum Hook Type Screen Ceiling System

          Aluminum Hook Type Screen Ceiling System

          ● Aluminum hook type screen ceiling deeply favored by designers, this product differ a lot in appearances and styles, and can create unique design effects. ● Aluminum hook screen ceiling durable pre-coated high grade aluminum alloys, rich color options. ● Screen ceiling system is a solution that vertically installs the panels. Hook on screen ceiling feature simple structure, crisp lines and clear arrangement. ● Easy combination with lighting, sprayer and HAVC systems.

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        • Aluminum Hook-on Ceiling Tile

          Aluminum Hook-on Ceiling Tile

          ● Aluminum Hook-on Ceiling Tiles system is mainly made up of high-grade aluminum alloy or galvanized steel. The hook on tiles evolve through a series of tuodelis' proprietary leveling and mould forming process, thus they feature high precision, superb flatness and durability. ● The smooth surface of Aluminum Hook type Ceiling Tiles presents sense of fashion, leads to modern design inspiration. Delicate ceiling is smooth and stable, can be assembled and dis-assembled manually without using any tools, Very easy; and insulation cotton can be fitted into create perfect sound-absorbing function. ● Suspended Hook-on Ceiling Tiles substrate available in aluminum alloy and galvanized steel.

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