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        interior metal cladding

        • Brush Aluminum Interior Wall Caldding

          Brush Aluminum Interior Wall Caldding

          ●Brush treatment give the product characteristic of high surface smoothess , vivid handle , clear grain , anti-rusting, anti-oxidation, scrach-resistance. ●Powder coating treatment is alway used in interior decorative ,PE treatment is another choice; Exterior decorative material is mostly used PVDF painting for surface treatment. ●Easy to be cleaned, antistatic,dust-prevention. ●Non-toxic material, perfect fire-proof performace. ●Excellent weather-resistance , UV-protection. ●Good sense of metallicity. ●Strong oil-resistance, the color is uniform and unfading. ●Extraordinary brush surface meet your outstanding design ideas. ●Excellent fire & weather - resistance performance. ●Customized metal walls are available to coordinate with ceilings and other interior finishing. ●Nice pigment wet ability, no static, non - flammable.

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