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        metal column covers

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          Aluminum Exterior/interior Column Cladding

          Aluminum Exterior/interior Column Cladding

          ●Aluminum Column Covers has the advantages of light weight , high strength , well regidity and easy to be shaped,the 3.0mm thickness aluminmum panel of strenth extention is 100-280N /m2. ●PVDF surface painting give the product strong weather-resistance and anti-UV characteristic ,ensuring that the color and the gross would keep away from fading or corrosion in a long term over 15 years even in the use of a really bad situation. ●Good weather-resistance and anti-corrosion , the surface paint layer is Kynar-500、hylur500 PVDF, 25 years guarantee. ●Well processing ability. The material can customized many shape like curving shape, spherical shape and other complex shape. ●Recyclable and eco-environmental. Comparing with other decorative material like glass, stone, ceramic ,the aluminum column have high recycling scrap value.

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